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The Heartbeat of Australian Extremes

Australia has always been a land of extremes—but climate change is making those extremes worse.

Here, we show the observed changes in hot nights (those that do not fall below 20 °C) across Australia over the past 70 years. As each summer begins, heat grows outward from northern Australia, reaching southward—and receding again, as autun arrives. But, as the decades have worn on, this heat has reached a little further south.

Hot nights are particularly difficult for young, elderly and sick Australians—all of whom are vulnerable to heat stress. Climate models show that we can expect hot nights to become more frequent still unless climate change is mitigated.

This project uses data from the Australian Water Availability Project, as well as icons from Font Awesome (we threw a few together for our icon!). It's powered by Leaflet and GeoServer. Tiles are © OpenMapTiles © OpenStreetMap (reprojected by GBIF).

The Heartbeat of Australian Extremes was created by Dr Andrew King and Mr James Goldie of the ARC Centre of Cliate System Science.

The Heartbeat of Australian Extremes

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